(1/3) Woodburn brewery
The first two posters were created to go along with a repackaging project. The first poster was inspired by the map design I created for the beer packaging. When the poster is printed the black lines show through to give the poster a bit more of a texture. The second poster was designed to give the brewery a simple and clean look they could use for different events or brews. 
(2/3) ABQ Balloon Fiesta
These posters were designed to go along with my rebranding of the Albuquerque International Balloon Fiesta project.  The inspiration for the first poster was a play on words with the festival being a "Fiesta" and there being live music involved at this Balloon Fiesta. The second poster was inspired by the beautiful Albuquerque desert landscape of the park.  
(3/3) Tea Party
My very first poster design. The class assignment was to create a clever poster that represented the historical moment that we drew from a hat. 
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